Using MIX 20/20 Dispatch
The MIX 20/20 System ensures your Local dispatch rules are followed fairly and consistently for all assignments.  When you receive a Dispatch call, you will be required to enter your PIN before proceeding.  Then, based upon information you hear in the audio recording, you must accept or decline the opportunity.  If you hang up during a Dispatch call, however, MIX considers it an automatic decline. 

Like all members using MIX, your activity in the system, is automatically tracked – providing your Local with detailed logs of the process.  For quality purposes, your call may also be recorded.

Work List Phone
(1-877- 967-5547)

If you miss a Dispatch call, and the position is still open, you can call the MIX 20/20 Member Information Exchange to participate.  You will be able to hear the same audio recording, and have an opportunity to accept or decline the job.